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You're only a few steps away from deploying Alkemist:Source into your Docker environment!
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Select Docker Base OS

Alkemist:Source supports Alpine through Docker images. Select the version of Alpine you use and all instructions throughout the rest of the page will be tailored to that choice.

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Open Your Dockerfile

The steps that follow this one will all use this sample Dockerfile as their base. The second tab is the hello_world.c used by the COPY command on line 7.

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Add Alkemist:Source Stage

The first modification to your Dockerfile will be to add Alkemist:Source''s Load-time Function Randomization (LFR) image as a stage before the stage doing the build. The Alkemist:Source image contains two ONBUILD commands which handle license verification and other pre-build steps.

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Copy Alkemist:Source Files

After pulling in the Alkemist:Source stage you will copy Alkemist:Source out of that stage and into yours. First, set the LFR_ROOT_PATH environment variable to a location in your image that will contain Alkemist:Source during the build. This location will be removed at the end so pick somewhere that does not contain anything else.

Next, copy the files that comprise Alkemist:Source from the Alkemist:Source stage and into yours with COPY --from=lfr-files /usr/src/lfr ${LFR_ROOT_PATH}.

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Add and

Now that your Docker image contains the files necessary for Alkemist:Source to run, prepend your build commands (make, gcc, g++, etc) with to automatically integrate Alkemist:Source into your existing build process.

Also include a call to after your build is completed to make sure that files which were only needed by Alkemist:Source for the build are not included in your final image.

The command shown will build the given hello_world.c into an Alkemist:Source-protected program called hello_world, but you can add to any build command, simple or complex.

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Build Image with Alkemist:Source

Alkemist:Source expects your license key to be provided as an ALKEMIST_LICENSE_KEY build argument. The preferred way to do this is to specify your key as a build argument from the command line along with the current date, as shown.

The date is added in the Docker deployment method to avoid caching license information which will become stale in future builds. This will not invalidate the caching of your layers, only the final two ONBUILD commands within the Alkemist:Source image.

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Verify Alkemist:Source Protection

Each tab shows a different way to confirm that Alkemist:Source has been applied to a given binary. The examples are for the hello_world binary built in the previous step.