Alkemist by RunSafe

What is Alkemist®?

RunSafe Security’s Alkemist is a software-based transformation engine that applies memory protections directly into code, enabling that code to protect itself from memory corruption vulnerabilities without altering the functionality of the code.

Alkemist Transform Engine

Alkemist hardens your software beyond what is possible with other mitigations by varying the attack surface (the layout of your code). This makes exploit writing orders of magnitude harder and increases your resilience to information leakage.

How to Immunize your Software with Alkemist

Alkemist is designed to be deployed in a wide range of environments for a variety of use cases, including IT/OT software/hardware, IoT devices, weapon systems, and mobile devices.


One option is applying Alkemist's Load-time Function Randomization (Alkemist LFR) transform to code at compilation time. Alkemist LFR is currently packaged to support deployment in Docker-based build environments, although support for traditional non-Docker build environments is coming soon.

Immunizing your software with Alkemist is as simple as registering an account, starting your free trial, and changing as few as 5 lines in your Dockerfile. See our Deployment Guide for specifics.


You can also deploy open source applications that RunSafe has already immunized with Alkemist. Our Enterprise Software Protection (ESP) offerings are ready to use immediately with minimal deployment impact. See the ESP section of our Deployment Guide for specifics.

If you don't use Docker for building software, email us at [email protected] to get information about early access to our non-Docker release.

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Current Features
  • Access to Alkemist Transform Engines
  • Online Integration and Build Demos
  • Exploit Demos Showing Effectiveness of Alkemist LFR
  • Personalized Documentation
  • Direct Support Channels
  • Email Notifications About Product Enhancements
Features Coming Soon
  • Integration of Alkemist BBR/SFR for Protection of Binaries
  • Yocto Integration Instructions and Packaging
  • Installation via Popular Software Management Systems