How Alkemist:Flare Works

Alerts You to Hidden Problems
Current scanning technology misses 50% of vulnerabilities and runtime application monitoring technology misses deep indicators of lurking threats. Like a signal flare, Alkemist:Flare delivers a bright, real-time indicator of application failures related to cyber attacks and software weaknesses, capturing at runtime what scanning tools don't identify at testing time.Alkemist:Flare monitors the health of your systems during runtime to provide indicators of stability, reliability and vulnerability while instantly flagging failures and potential attacks - increasing the speed and effectiveness of your cyber-attack response.Each deployment of Alkemist:Flare begins with a data study to help you understand your systems with greater depth. The data study will provide you with:
  • An assessment of the stability and reliability of the software across your systems
  • A prioritization of vendors or open source packages that could put your infrastructure at risk
  • Recommendations on how to mitigate exposure to cyber attack for your most vulnerable software
Gathers Data and Trends
Alkemist:Flare captures runtime application failures and alerts IT Operations, SOCs, Hunt Teams, and software product owners so they can:
  1. Monitor the overall stability and reliability health of systems at runtime
  2. Increase the speed and effectiveness of cyber attack response
Alkemist:Flare delivers continuous monitoring of cloud workloads, software applications, open source packages, IT/OT infrastructure, endpoint devices, and embedded systems.
Alkemist:Flare gathers the following information:
  • Which binary was executed, along with any arguments for that process
  • Process start time and crash time
  • Information about the host including the hostname and IPv4/IPv6 addresses and MAC addresses for all interfaces
  • Processor register state information at the time of the crash
  • Signal information that describes why the process crashed
  • Event type: Signal (crash, shutdown, etc) or Startup (process startup)
  • A UUID to tie startup data to signal data
Simple to Install
Alkemist:Flare is a small shared library that gets preloaded automatically by your systems into every process as it starts, enabling you to monitor every process and receive data on every crash without having to configure each process individually. The Deployment Guide details how to install, configure, and verify Alkemist:Flare on your systems.