Step 1
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Select Install Method

Choose which install method you would like to see instructions for. Debs work for any debian-based OS such as Debian, Ubuntu, and Mint. RPMS work for any Fedora-based OS such as Fedora, centOS, RHEL, and Rocky Linux.

Step 2
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Select Distribution

Need to know your distribution? Run this command in a terminal: cat /etc/os-release. The displayed PRETTY_NAME will match one of those in the dropdown if Alkemist:Code supports it.

Step 3
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Install Alkemist:Code

Run these commands on your system to let it know to look for Alkemist:Code's Load-time Function Randomization (LFR) packages on our servers and then install Alkemist:Code.

Step 4
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Build with Alkemist:Code

Now that your system contains the files necessary for Alkemist:Code to run, prepend your build commands (make, gcc, g++, etc) with lfr-helper to automatically integrate Alkemist:Code into your existing build process.

The command shown will build the given hello_world.c into an Alkemist:Code-protected program called hello_world, but you can add lfr-helper to any build command, simple or complex.

Step 5
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Verify Alkemist:Code Protection

Each tab shows a different way to confirm that Alkemist:Code has been applied to a given binary. The examples are for the hello_world binary built in the previous step.